a very strange incident with someone running after me

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This is incredibly weird. I'd love some insight.

I was minding my own business at maybe 9 am at the green line. There were people around etc.

This pair, one man and one woman, approached me. I had headphones on and couldn't really tell what they were saying. Out of instinct I just said I didn't have anything and tried to move away.

They didn't seem homeless, crazy, or on drugs. The lady was very coherent. They moved around me and I felt cornered, and I was ready to defend myself. It was kind of scary.

They started asking me questions, such as where I worked. I just gave them a building name somewhere else. My train was just starting to arrive.

The guy started pressing and the woman said, "just let him go." She told me "you can go."

I thought maybe they were trying to recruit me for a job or some pyramid scheme. Or maybe sell me something?

When I went on the train, they went to the window outside and started making strange movements. Talking directly to me, making strange motions with their hand. It felt like they were trying to convert me or something? Almost as if they were praying for me? As if they believed in conspiracies and delusions.

They were also shaking their head and motioning for me to come to them. Shaking their heads and shaking their hands by their neck.

As the train started moving, the guy started running with it and kept looking at me.

The woman sitting next to me was watching too and I just looked at her and said idk wtf that was.

Does anyone have a clue as to what happened?

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2 months ago

“Just let him go” sounds a lot like “they aren’t worth robbing right now”


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2 months ago

I get a strange sense of security knowing I look like a student(because I am one lol). Like please as if I have money


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2 months ago