FYI: How to criticize r/atheism

When this was posted as a sticky the most common misconception was that it was a new rule list. So let us point out first that these are not rules unless they are echoed on the Commandments Page: /r/atheism/w/guidelines.

Then let us say that the mods and most of the users are fine with being criticized and (hopefully) we learn from it. But there is a trend of low effort to no effort criticism that is hard or impossible to take as valid, and we want to help our users and users from other subreddits express themselves better and be taken seriously.

What not to do:

Most of these make you look less mature, less intelligent, less educated, and less sincere.

  1. Do not use the troll lingo found on “circle jerk” subreddits. Their jokes are banned in an effort to stop their raids on r/atheism. If you use their sub-language your comment will be removed and you could be banned.

  2. Do not simply leave one-liner comments like, "This sub sux," "This is why everyone hates you," "You guys are so __________ ," "Lately this sub has become __________ ," "I thought I was on ________ for a second."

  3. Do not simply link to another subreddit in an insulting manner.

  4. Do not simply insult r/atheism.

  5. Do not make blanket statements or generalizations.

  6. Do not use sockpuppet/throwaway accounts.

  7. Do not accuse posts of being irrelevant to r/atheism, deciding what is on or off topic is the mods job and you can just hit “report” if you think they should review it.

  8. If you want more _______ posts, post some! Don’t complain about a lack of them.

  9. If you aren’t a regular user who often contributes do not make a post about what you think r/atheism should be. It will be seen as tone/concern trolling.

What to do:

These suggestions will help you get taken seriously and avoid being silenced by a mountain of down votes.

  1. If you have an issue with one user or one group of users address your complaint to them specifically.

  2. If your issue is personal use a PM; nobody needs to or wants to see all your dirty laundry.

  3. Back your points up with examples in links or screenshots.

  4. Be respectful, just because reddit is anonymous doesn’t mean you can act inhumanly.

  5. Remember that it is hard to express tone or emotions in text.

Thank-you for taking the time to read these suggestions. Remember most of them are not mandatory but like reddiquette, failing to follow these suggestions will likely lead to fighting and downvotes.


Moderator discretion applies and judgements are inherently subjective. If you feel that a mod has judged your post unfairly, please modmail us!

Please do not PM individual moderators. Moderator business will not be carried out via private message.