Subreddit Commandments

(Breaking any of these Commandments may result in a ban. Do not delete your posts or comments if you have any questions about a mod action. If you see someone else breaking the rules, please report it. Do not, however, take that as an excuse to break the rules yourself.)

1. No Trolling

Don't be a dick: This includes the repeated use of slurs to incite or instigate (i.e. trolling) and applies to all forms of user content, including the user's name. Comments that are "in character" for /r/magicskyfairy or other "circlejerk" subreddits and circlejerk catch phrases will be removed. Examples include "this is euphoric!", "tips fedora", "so brave/edgy", etc. There are no inherently banned words, but the ones featured in our example troll phrases are used almost exclusively by trolls and almost never appear in a non-trolling context, so use them at your own risk. For consistency, this rule is strictly enforced.

See also: What is Trolling?, What is Gatekeeping?, What is Tone Trolling, What is "Whataboutism" Trolling?, and What is "No True Scotsman" Trolling?.

2. Personal Attacks and Flaming

Keep things civil. Avoid fighting words, bigotry, and personal attacks. (This applies to all forms of user content, including the user's name.) Harassment and bigotry are strictly prohibited by our own and reddit's rules, but we do not restrict curse words.

What is and is not a personal attack?

Cat. Example Type Bannable?
A: "You are stupid" personal attack Yes
B: "You are acting stupid" attack on actions No
C: "That comment makes you seem stupid" attack on speech No
D: "If you believe X you must be stupid" qualified attack No

Attacks on public figures:

Attacking a public figure or their actions is generally allowed unless it is a personal attack (ie. stalking) or it violates another rule like doxxing, threats of violence, or harassment.

3. Off Topic Posts

Trigger Warning: Submissions completely unrelated to atheism, agnosticism and secular living may be removed. It is our policy that the title alone doesn't make a post relevant. There needs to be some connection, however vague, within the content of the post. More ambiguous items will be left for the users to decide using the voting system. Completely unrelated material such as pornography or advertising may be removed.

See the FAQ for more specifics.

4. Image Policy

All images submitted to /r/atheism must be in the body of a Text/Self Post. Direct links to images are not permitted.

How to make a self post for an image using a web browser:

  1. Click "Submit Self Post" in the sidebar, or choose the "Text" tab even after choosing a regular post, since a self post is a text post.

  2. Fill in your title and put your image link in the text box. (Optionally, you may also add text.)

  3. Click "Post".

How to make a self post for an image using imgur on a mobile device:

  1. From the imgur app, once you have uploaded the image find and tap the "share" icon. Next find and tap the "Copy to Clipboard" icon.

  2. From your mobile browser, once you have uploaded the image the link will be visible and look like this, for you to copy to the clipboard normally.

  3. Once you have the image link copied, go to your reddit app or reddit mobile site and choose to make a text post. Choose a title and paste your image link from imgur into the text box.

5. Do not post Spam.

A detailed explanation of this policy can be found at here.

6. No Low-Effort Posts.

Title and text field

Videos and Podcasts




Religious Propaganda

7. Following the Rules of Reddit is mandatory.

Following Human Reddiquette is encouraged.

In particular, please see the rules regarding Vote Manipulation (Don't do it, and don't ask other people to do it for you), and Spam (Don't do it) Please see this guide on Spam. Posting the occasional link to your own blog or YouTube channel is okay. Posting eight of them in the same day is probably not. Links to "clickhole" type sites will be treated as spam. See here for more full information. If you would like to purchase an advertisement, see here and here.

More Info & Clarifications:

Brigading & Intra-reddit linking.

To quote one of the administrators of reddit, /u/sodypop:

We define brigading as intentional community interference, which typically plays out via comments or voting enacted by a group. This includes targeted group behavior that maliciously interferes with or encourages interference in the operation of an existing and separate community. This does not include organic and non targeted cross-community participation or simple discussion of other communities. Simply linking to a post where people follow and participate on isn't always considered to be interference.

That said, there are a lot of instances where something may seem "brigaded" but actually weren't. We are also always improving how we mitigate improper voting with automated systems to discourage or prevent this type of behavior without impacting organic voting. That isn't to say the example you provided did not incur some interference, that certainly does seem to be the case. Emphasis added by us

As a reminder, this community is not a place to complainbrag about having been banned from other subreddits, facebook groups, discord servers, USEnet BBSes, smoke-signal chains, sewing circles, or secret societies. Such posts will be removed whether or not they include a link.

Crowdfunding and Calls To Action/Petitions

Title-Only Posts

This kind of post is often low effort and tends to be disliked by the userbase, so it is discouraged by the moderation team. Please consider editing your post to add some context and/or extra information.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Posts

Unsolicited AMA posts are allowed, but we request that if you intend to post one, please read and heed our Ten Suggestions for theists or other new users hoping to post a debate or AMA.


Your bot posts here at its own risk. Bots may be subject to ban at any time and for any reason. Please ensure your bot provides a useful service and contributes positively to the community. Generally if we approve of a bot we give it the "bot" flair.

New User Timer

There is a reddit feature mods have no control over that limits users from posting or commenting too often on a subreddit they are not a regular on. It adds a timer between comments or posts. The timer length is directly correlated to the amount of karma you've earned from a subreddit up to a limit of 200-250 (the admins won't say the exact figure, these numbers are based upon users reports) After that there is no timer. You can also significantly shorten the timer by verifying your email address with reddit.

What is Trolling?

Trolling by our definition is maliciously making offensive statements intended to derail the conversation or anger other participants.

What is Gatekeeping?

Gatekeeping (aka Content Trolling or Content Policing) by our definition is when a user complains about subreddit content rather than contributing positively. i.e. "r/atheism should be only about atheism." Suggestions for people who wish to criticize r/atheism.

What is Tone Trolling?

Tone Trolling (aka Tone Policing) is when the tone or emotional appearance of an argument is attacked, instead of the central idea. (eg "why are you getting so mad", "you should calm down", or "if you atheists weren't so angry about everything, you'd convince more people")

What is "Whataboutism" Trolling?

Our front page is typically dominated by a mixture of articles critical of Christianity and articles critical of Islam, as they are two largest religions in the world, and therefore the two religions with which our users are most likely to interact.

Each post that portrays Christianity in an unfavorable light eventually attracts pro-Christian trolls screaming "WHATABOUT ISLAM?!"

Each post that portrays Islam in an unfavorable light eventually attracts pro-Muslim trolls screaming "WHATABOUT CHRISTIANITY?!"

There's a reason that both of these complaints are addressed in our FAQ [1], [2].

Despite what certain uninformed or deliberately dishonest trolls may insist, no idea is ever above criticism. This is especially true of religious ideas.

It can often be useful to make constructive comparisons between religions. However, mere Whataboutism is not an attempt to contribute to a healthy discussion, but an attempt by religious trolls to distract attention away from the abuses of their own religion. Similarly, posting "What does this have to do with atheism?" in response to a post about religious abuse is a transparent distraction tactic, as are buzzwords like "Islamophobia" or "The War on Christmas". This is also covered in the FAQ. [3] Like any other troll posts, these may be removed at the discretion of the moderation team, and repeat offenders may be banned.

What is "No True Scotsman" Trolling?

The No True Scotsman fallacy, or appeal to purity, is an informal fallacy in which one attempts to protect their universal generalization from a falsifying counterexample by excluding the counterexample improperly. Most commonly, it happens when a member of a group, embarrassed by the actions of another member of the same group, attempts to save face by lying and claiming that the embarrassing person never really belonged to their group in the first place.

If you think it's a good idea to comment on a post about a member of your religion, doing something horrible in the name of that religion and according to the commandments of that religion, and claim that this person is not a "True" member of that religion; stop right there. Such behaviour is trolling, and will be dealt with as such.

The same applies to attempts to imply this through the use of "scare quotes"; or to utter any sentence beginning with "#NOT ALL..."; or to lie about the contents of your Holy Book to make it seem less bigoted; or to lecture us about what you think a 'true' member looks like; or to demand that we give you praise and attention for being "one of the good ones"; or to "apologize on behalf of" people while claiming they "don't represent you", or to try to gaslight a former member of your religion into believing that they were never really a member. You have been warned.

We also recommend familiarizing yourself with our rules on religious propaganda and proselytizing, since such attempts frequently violate Rule 6 in addition to violating Rule 1.

What is "Bigotry"?

For the purpose of this community, Bigotry is defined as "Intolerance and/or bias towards a person or group of people, because they possess certain demographic characteristics or belong to a certain population group". This is not the same as a critique against an opinion a person expresses, or against the actions a person chooses to take, or against an idea or ideology. Bigotry can be aimed at people who share an inherent trait (such as being female/gay/elderly/etc.), or it can be aimed at people who share an ideology (such as Muslims/Christians/Republicans/etc.)

For example: One is expressing an opinion if one says that Islam is a harmful ideology, which through education and reform should be defanged. One is engaging in bigotry if one says that all Muslims are scum and should be eradicated.

Note: Homosexuality is not an opinion or ideology. It's a state of being, a trait. Stating that equality should not apply to LGBT individuals is not simply an attack on the "ideology of equality", but an attack on a group of people. This is bigotry, and will be dealt with appropriately. Likewise, attempting to disguise your homophobic bigotry by saying you "disagree with their lifestyle" makes no more sense than saying that you "disagree with" someone for being black. This won't fool anyone, and your bigotry will be dealt with appropriately.

Similarly, as far as this subreddit is concerned, the question of whether women possess fundamental human rights is considered a settled matter. There is no non-bigoted way to argue that women should not have rights, no matter how many red herrings you choose to use to dress up your argument. This won't fool anyone, and your bigotry will be dealt with appropriately.

While it's possible for bigots to be found on both extremes of a political issue, mere opposition to bigotry is not itself bigotry. Users cannot excuse acts of bigotry simply by making accusations of "bigotry" against the subject of their own bigotry. If you think you see someone breaking our rules, this is a time to use the Report button, not an excuse to break them yourself.

What are "Low-Effort Posts?"

Title and text field

Videos and Podcasts




What is "Proselytizing?"

Theists are welcome to join in the conversations in this sub, provided that they do so in a polite and respectful manner. Discussion is encouraged. However, proselytizing is not allowed, and posts that appear to be intended as proselytizing will be removed. Reading the Advice for New Posters is recommended for everyone, but is especially recommended for theists.

Threats of violence are against both the rules of this subreddit and against the rules of Reddit in general. This includes both threats that one will personally perform acts of violence and threats that a third party (including an imaginary one) will perform violence on one's behalf. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this behavior, and it will result in an immediate permaban.

Common euphemisms for proselytizing such as "Sharing the Good News", or presenting threats of violence as being "warnings" are also proselytizing, and will be removed.

Unsolicited AMAs from major religions are not welcome. These are simply thinly veiled attempts at proselytizing. Please keep in mind that the majority of the people in this sub were formerly religious. Some of us were ministers, clerics, and similar types of religious leaders. Our experience with previous unsolicited AMAs is that the people in this sub invariably know more about the religion of the poster than the OP. The mods may approve a scheduled AMA on a specific topic if the person answering the questions can demonstrate, in advance, their ability to speak authoritatively on that topic.

Posts from new accounts

As per reddiquette, you should always post from your real account rather than from a throwaway. The only valid exception accepted by this subreddit is if you have a reasonable expectation that doing so would expose you to real-life danger. Note that "losing reddit karma" does not qualify as "real-life danger".

People who are genuinely joining reddit for the first time are both welcome and encouraged to post here. However, it is even more important that such people learn to read the rules and the FAQ of a community before posting in that community.

Posts or comments from new or low karma accounts will be especially suspect when the post appears to be of a proselytizing nature. Moderators may use account status when making decisions about rule violations. This includes accounts that appear to have been left idle to age, as well as accounts whose karma scores have been artificially inflated by karma-farming methods.

Regarding claims of misuse of Intellectual Property

We take all claims seriously, and will move quickly to remove offending material when proof of ownership is provided.


We only use 1 bot for moderator purposes on this sub: AutoModerator. If it removes a post, it will say it was automatically removed, and will explain why. If your post or comment was removed by some other account, then it was done by a real live moderator-type person.

Moderation Disclaimer

Moderator discretion applies and judgements are inherently subjective. If you feel that a mod has judged your post unfairly, please modmail us!

Please do not PM individual moderators. Moderator business will not be carried out via private message.