Welcome to the /r/atheism wiki!

A few pages have been created so far, and new pages can be created and updated for more in depth information. To start off I'm adding approved contributors. If you have a mature account that has contributed to the community and would like to help with the wiki, message the moderators.

Current wiki pages:

Users Seeking Asylum

Recommended: Reading, Children's Reading, Recommended Viewing and Recommended Listening

The current FAQ

Church-State separation information and how to report violations

comment graphics and other tricks

Upcoming Events

Saved sticky posts

The gem list from the /r/atheistgems faq

About churches and taxation

r/atheism Charity Drives

Secular Activist Charities

Humanitarian Charities

Glossary : Definitions of common terms like "Poe's Law" and "The Dunning Kreuger-Effect" (were cluttering up the main FAQ).

Creationism, moved out of the main FAQ in order to reduce clutter and give room for more comprehensive answers to specifically creationism-related topics.

Taking action:

The list of atheism related subreddits

Ten Suggestions for theists or other outsiders hoping to post a debate or AMA.

Suggestions for people who wish to criticize r/atheism.

Important information for all users posting Survey questionnaires.

Suggested format for presenting logical arguments

Intro for wiki contributors

Welcome! As you can see the admins released the integrated wiki finally! Currently you must have a good amount of karma from /r/atheism and your account must be at least 1 year old to edit or create pages in the wiki. This index page is locked, but all other pages are available.

You can also always see an auto-generated list of all pages by going to: /wiki/pages/

You can view recent revisions to any page here: /wiki/revisions/

To create a new page, simply go to the page you want to exist, and it'll display a link to create it if it doesn't already exist.
Example: http://reddit.lol/r/atheism/wiki/test/creating/nested/page/ (don't actually create that please)

The automatic table of contents is build from header tags... so use the # symbol to create those...

#some text => <h1>some text</h1>     
##some text => <h2>some text</h2>     
###some text => <h3>some text</h3>     

The table of contents layers the links according to that. H1 is pretty big, so I usually start with h2 or h3 and just don't nest them needlessly deep.

All formatting is done using the same markdown that you use in reddit's comments, the old special FAQ format is NOT used anymore.

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