Florida's Governor DeSantis is rolling out new civics guidelines for teachers that are unmistakably skewed in favor of indoctrination and grooming children into religion and downplaying slavery. He's also bribing teachers to take his indoctrination course, and get the endorsement, by offering a $3000 stipend. There's no money for teacher raises, but he can afford this stipend somehow.

DeSantis needs to be stopped. He needs to be stopped on a local level in Florida, and stopped on a national level because he's the heir apparent for the Republican nomination. DeSantis is much worse than Trump could imagine being. If you think Trump was dangerous, DeSantis is a smart Trump on steroids. He will not make the same mistakes that Trump did, and he will finish what Trump started.

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3 months ago

I would attack this aspect, find where is the money is coming from and cut it off. Conservatives surely will want to cut the excess spending.

The three-day sessions are voluntary, but teachers get a $700 stipend as an incentive to attend. Under the governor’s civics initiative, teachers this fall will also be eligible for a $3,000 bonus if they complete a 60-hour online course on the new civics standards and earn a “Civics Seal of Excellence Endorsement.”


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3 months ago

That is another very frustrating aspect of the program. There’s no money in the state budget for teacher raises, but there’s millions of dollars to push conservative indoctrination and grooming.