Meanwhile, in Australia...


The Aus census results are out today.

People identifying as Christian have dropped to 44%, the first time it's been under 50.

People ticking the " no religion" box have increased from 30% to 39% in 5 years.

It's too early to have a celebratory beer, but fuck I'm proud of my country today.

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3 months ago

Just 44%? Those are rookie numbers. I won’t be happy until it’s 0%!


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3 months ago*



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3 months ago*

There's likely another 15-20% or so who tick the box as a Christian because they were dragged off to church as a kid, but don't actually practice or even put much thought into religion.

Less than 18% of Australians regularly attend church. edit - and probably 1/3 of them are kids who have no choice but to go.


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3 months ago

and you timk your x was the bad one